Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things that can create issues for registering or logging into any website.

Here are some common help items to try out on your end.

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Delete your browser(Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) cache. How to delete your browser cache article.
  3. Install a second browser on your computer for only logging in.

    Firefox download

    Chrome download

  4. If you walked away from your computer for any reason, websites tend to time-out.  Refresh your page and try again in a couple of minutes.
  5. If you have slow Internet and small bandwidth that makes websites generally load slow, that can cause issues logging in, registering and having pages or posts content load.  We advise contacting your Internet Service Provider ISP and getting a fast package.

Funeral services have become very expensive and we really do not have much money to spend.  Who can we turn to if we just don't have the money?

One way to avoid excessive funeral costs is by using a "transfer service" instead of a funeral home. Most often transfer services are able to provide direct cremation and burial services for a fee far less that what a funeral home would charge.

The Canada Pension Plan offers a lump sum death benefit. The maximum benefit is currently $2500. This benefit is only available to people who have paid into Canada Pension Plan during their working lives. The amount paid for the benefit is dependent upon CPP guidelines.

The Last Post Fund is available for veterans who qualify for assistance. This is handled through Veterans Affairs.

Social Services is a municipal government office that may be able to provide financial assistance for people who were on Social Assistance, Disability Assistance or who have limited income.